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  1. Taking, moving and/or killing of carp, is prohibited at all times.
  2. We want to monitor the growth and health of our carp. Therefor we ask you to photograph every catch from both sides and to write down the details of the catch in the catch report / Off the Mark.
  3. Parking spaces are located at the clubhouse in the central location. Parking is only allowed in the designated spaces.
  4. Anglers must leave before 10:00 on Friday. Anglers who arrive, are not allowed to enter the location before 14:00. Explaining of the rules and regulations and the handing out of materials takes place at 14:30 under the supervision of the site manager.
  5. Dogs are only allowed if this has been discussed prior to arrival at Carptwenty. Dogs are required to be on a lead at all times. Anglers must see to it that dogs are cleaned up after. Dogs are also not allowed to swim in our fishing waters. Nuisance from barking or any other noise should be kept to a minimum at all times.
  6. Selfmade particles are not allowed. Particles and fresh hemp are available at Carptwenty.
  7. To prevent the transmission of diseases, unhooking mats, landing nets, slings, water buckets and wound disinfection (Carp Care) are available on site for use. So please don’t bring your own attributes.
  8. Make sure all fins are flat against the carp’s body before lifting them out of the water. Always return carp to the water using a weigh bag. If a fish has been wounded, treat the fish with the wound disinfection products from Carp Care.
  9. Storage bags are not allowed at Carptwenty. Possession of storage bags is also prohibited. If a storage bag is found, you will be asked to leave. Floating weighing bags are available to store a carp for a maximum of 15 minutes. Make sure you have a camera with a flash to be able to take good pictures at night.
  10. It is allowed to fish with a maximum of 3 rods per angler.
  11. Only micro barbed hooks (size 4 or 6) are allowed at Carptwenty. This prevents unnecessary damage to the carp’s mouth. Barbless hooks are forbidden at all times because they unnecessarily damage the mouth of the fish during the fight.
  12. The use of Longcurve hooks (eg Fox series 5, Long Shank Nailers) or other long curved or bent hooks is prohibited. These hooks can cause serious damage to the carp’s mouth if used incorrectly.
  13. Ronnie rigs and 360° rigs are not allowed at Carptwenty.
  14. It's obligatory to use line aligners or shrink tube on your hooks. This will protect the carp's mouth during the fight.
  15. Only use fish-safe lead systems where the lead and fish can be released after line breaks. Only systems from PB Hit and Run, Pole Position central shocker, Carp Whisperer safety lead clip and Helicopter/Chods are allowed. It's really important that knots will slide easily through the tail-rubbers from your rig.
  16. It is not allowed to fish drop-off. The lead must be in de lead clip as an contra weight.
  17. It is not allowed to use Back Leads.
  18. Braided lines are prohibited. Minimum nylon mainline thickness to be used is 0.35mm.
  19. Leadcore, unleaded, freefall or other braided leaders should only be used if they break free from the leader and are no longer than 100cm.
  20. It is not allowed to fish your system 'naked' on a nylon line. You must cover the first 50cm with a sinking rig-tube to protect the fish during a fight.
  21. To indicate the boundaries of the fishing area, belonging to the booked fishing spot, a map of Carptwenty has been made. In addition, permanent markers have been placed to indicate the boundaries.
  22. The maximum fishing distance is 100 meters from the shoreline.
  23. Bait boats are allowed, provided they do not cause problems with other fishermen.
  24. The use of a boat is obligatory, boats can be rented on site. You may use your own boat but it is absolutely mandatory to wear a lifejacket in the boat at all times. The minimum length of the boat must be over 8 feet
  25. It is only allowed to fish from the designated fishing spot/jettiies.
  26. It is not allowed to leave your inserted rods unattended.
  27. Drug and alcohol abuse will not be tolerated.
  28. It is not allowed to prune plants, trees or reeds. If any kind of vegetation is in your way or giving you trouble, please report this to the manager on site.
  29. Open fire is prohibited. The use of a barbeque is allowed.
  30. A waste container is located at the central location. During you stay, you are required to deposit all your garbage in this container and to keep your fishing spot clean.
  31. It is prohibited to receive guests during the fishing week.
  32. Only rod markers are allowed. All other markers such as H-markers are not allowed.
  33. Every angler is a guest in a beautiful nature reserve. We want everyone to have a nice holiday. Remember that sound carries far over the water. Turn any volume of your radio or music to a minimum and speak in a muffled voice.
  34. Carptwenty will decide in all cases not provided for in these regulations or where any doubts arise, about the interpretation.


Failure to comply with the rules and regulations above, gives us the right remove you from the site with immediate effect, without being entitled to any refund!