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The general terms and conditions apply to the booking made between Carptwenty and the tenant.

The booking is only confirmed after the amount due has been paid in full to Carptwenty. Carptwenty reserves the right to refuse a booking.

Duration of stay:
The tenant is entitled to use the fishing spot according to the fishing regulations set up by Carptwenty for the period as agreed in the booking. Outside of this period, the tenant is not entitled to the fishing spot.

Time of arrival and departure:
The tenant must strictly respect the arrival and departure times as stated in the booking.

State of the property:
Carptwenty regularly checks its grounds, fishing spots and facilities. If anything should deviate from the description or damage has occurred to one of the above, the tenant must immediately report this to Carptwenty or the person responsible on site at that time. Complaint and or problems will be resolved as quickly as possible. Complaints and or problems that are not reported during the stay will not be accepted afterwards.

Cleanliness of fishing spot:
The tenant is required to leave behind a clean fishing spot upon departure. Any waste must be deposited in the waste container at the central point (building) upon departure. If the fishing spot has not been left clean, a €50 cleaning fee will be charged.

Number of people granted access:
The number of people who have access to the grounds of Carptwenty is in accordance to the number of people stated in the booking. The tenant is not allowed to receive guest during their stay.

Cancellation policy:
The tenant can cancel the booking free of charge up to 7 (seven) days after payment has been made. In that case, the sum already paid will be refunded by Carptwenty. If the term of 7 days is not met, the tenant is not entitled to a refund. A cancellation within 7 days after payment must be notified to Carptwenty by letter or e-mail. In case of an early departure or not using the fishing spot, the tenant is not entitled to a refund. The tenant must have a cancellation insurance to limit the risks. Cancellation by Carptwenty entitles tenants to a refund of payments made.

Upon arrival the tenant is obliged to pay a deposit of €100 (in cash) for the use of materials owned by Carptwenty. Carptwenty or the person in charge at the time of arrival has the right to deny the tenant access if this condition is not met. If the tenant causes damage or does not return materials, the costs will be deducted from the deposit in accordance with the amounts stated below. If the damage caused is higher than the deposit, the tenant must pay the remaining part of the damage to Carptwenty.
• Landing net (handle) € 70,00
• Landing net (net) € 15,00
• Weighing sling € 30,00
• Unhooking mat € 70,00
• Unster € 60,00
• Keys € 50,00

• The tenant enters the grounds of Carptwenty at his own risk.
• All activities that the tenant carries out at Carptwenty are entirely at their own risk.
• Carptwenty, or its separate representatives, are in no way liable for any damages (directly or indirectly) whatsoever.

A complaint must be reported as soon as possible to Carptwenty or the responsible person on site, so that he can find an appropriate solution as soon as possible. If the complaint is not resolved within a reasonable period of time and affects the quality of the stay, it must be reported to Carptwenty in writing without delay.

The general terms and conditions and Dutch law, apply to all disputes betweent Carptwenty and the tenant.